Carm Russell: My Source of Strength and Hope

People that God puts in my life, whether momentarily or for a lifetime, are his way of providing strength and hope.

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Last week I blogged about my husband's diagnosis of kidney cancer. Wednesday he will have a nephrectomy on his left kidney. So our lives have pretty much revolved around that. 

The outpouring of love from family, friends and colleagues continues to keep us strong. This morning on the way to work I was listening to Michael English singing "In Christ Alone." A phrase in the song says, "My source of strength, my source of hope is Christ alone." I thought about the phrase a bit; wondering why I get so caught up in this world if Christ alone is my strength and hope. I came to a realization again that I have always believed and that is the people that God puts in my life, whether momentarily or for a lifetime, are his way of providing that strength and hope. We are so blessed to have prayer support literally from all over the world for my husband. Amazing, yes, but not surprising if Christ is our source of hope and strength.   

I continue to be blessed with the strength and desire to not throw away all the good work I have done losing weight. It would be so easy to fall back on those bad habits of stress eating but am able to use some of the new parts of the Weight Watchers program to help with that. I love fruit and fresh fruit is now free on Weight Watchers—meaning I do not have to count it towards my daily point total. So when I go to the grocery store—especially in the past couple of weeks—I load up on the fresh fruit. So when my sweet tooth gets hungry or the day is a bit more stressful than ordinary I can reach for a piece of fruit and know that I am still taking care of myself. My scale shows I am down another pound!

Thank you for the prayers!

—Carm Russell



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