Faith and Hope Bring Healing

Some say that those who hold a strong faith do not fare any better than the rest of the world...

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Have you ever heard the argument that faith doesn’t really help you find healing and happiness? Some say that those who hold a strong faith do not fare any better than the rest of the world. Their divorce rate is the same. They suffer the same health problems. They make the same mistakes the rest of us make.

I don’t really believe that. Not completely anyway, and I doubt you do too. One thing’s clear, tragedy and suffering do not play favorites. However strong your faith may be, that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from being a human and living and loving in the real world. In fact, because of faith you actually sometimes suffer more. You’re driven by principles, pursuing what matters most, which can mean sacrifice and difficulty. But just because you’re suffering because of your faith doesn’t mean you’re not strong, that you lack purpose, or that your life doesn’t have meaning. Quite the contrary.

In any case, if you’re still not sure, and if you want proof, it’s definitely out there. Faith heals. Faith brings meaning. Faith can help you live an extraordinary life. If you don’t believe me, check out Therese Borchard’s recent blog entry on the 8 Ways Faith Can Heal. I’ve been acquainted with Therese for quite some time, but what I didn’t know about her was that she struggles with clinical depression. What’s cool about Therese is that she lets the world in on her struggle. I know it hasn’t been easy for her and probably still isn’t, but if you read her blog, you’ll get a glimpse of the way one person finds her way through the struggles of being human, leaning on the one thing that makes all the difference—faith.

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