I'm Going to the Super Bowl

I imagine a lot of you will be watching too. Here are my prayers for the Super Bowl...

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Guideposts editor-in-chief Edward Grinnan and his dog, Millie

I’m at the Super Bowl this weekend. How ’bout you?

Notice I didn’t say I actually have a ticket to the New York-New Jersey Super Bowl pitting Denver against Seattle. Too rich for my blood, when I can watch it on TV from my couch using my golden retriever’s ample rump as a pillow. She is quite compliant unless I yell too much. At a certain point–a bad call, a turnover, a long kick return–I will emit enough growling and yelling that she’ll take her leave. Sometimes, though, she joins in by barking. If I’m excited about something on the TV then she should be too, I suppose she supposes.

Still, I feel like I’m at the Super Bowl. Broadway has been shut down and rechristened Super Bowl Boulevard. There have been events all over the city celebrating the big game. People have been remarkably well behaved. Maybe it’s the zero-degree temperatures. All the stores and restaurants on my block on the west side of Manhattan (the side that faces Jersey) are festooned with Super Bowl banners.

In fact, Google tells me that my couch is exactly 8.2 miles from MetLife Stadium. I’m practically on the field! I bet if I climbed to the roof of my building with a good pair of binoculars I could catch a glimpse of the stadium lights across the Hudson River.

So for all intents and purposes I’m at the Super Bowl. I can say I went to Super Bowl XLVIII. Right here on my couch. With Millie.

I imagine a lot of you will be watching too. Here are my prayers for the Super Bowl:

  • No wardrobe malfunctions of any kind
  • That Richard Sherman be humble but great
  • That all commercials be family friendly and require no explaining
  • That I don’t fall asleep during halftime
  • That Peyton Manning, et al. suffer no serious injury and we have a good, clean, close game

I have a favorite in the Super Bowl but I am not going to reveal that team quite yet. Who will you be rooting for? Post below.

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