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How you can love yourself as a child of God.

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I have been sick since Friday with strep throat and a bad sinus infection. Although I was scheduled to teach three fitness classes today, I found substitute teachers so I could stay home and rest. But it is SO hard for me to lie down in the middle of the day! 

Instead of staying in bed, I spent more time in the Word and in my early morning prayer time. I threw in three loads of laundry, organized my bedroom closet, and bagged all the clothes and athletic shoes I have not worn in two years to donate to a woman's shelter.

Next, I organized some of my kitchen cabinets and then boxed away my grandbaby's clothes that are too small. After my shower, I went to the doctor and then ran some errands, picked up my sons from school and drove them home.

Even as I got all that done, I felt out of sorts. Honestly, I feel out of my element when I am not teaching a fitness class! Does everyone feel this way when they miss work, I wondered.

I reminded myself to love myself as a child of God, not just for my ability to teach Power Pilates. That’s how I want others to see me—as Theresa, made in God’s image. Psalms 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” 

I have to admit, I can’t wait to feel better and get back to my fitness classes. Being a fitness instructor is who God made me to be, but I am also a mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend, bible study teacher, grandmother (Nana) and a child of God!



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Theresa is a former model and nationally certified fitness professional who teaches people to use their faith to inspire fitness and their fitness to strengthen their faith. She is the author of Shaped by Faith: 10 Secrets to Strengthening your Body & Souland three exercise DVDS: Pilates for the Soul, Strength Training for the Seasoned Soul and Pilates Stability Ball.

She and her husband, Robin, have seven children and live in Calhoun, Kentucky.

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