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Unemployment statistics are still discouraging, and yet I see an expression of hope in each prayer request we receive.

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin

In July I wrote a blog asking prayers for those out of work. The statistics are discouraging, hardly a budge in the unemployment rate. But beyond the numbers, there is the anecdotal evidence.

Just the other day I asked a friend if his wife had gotten the job she had interviewed for, a position that seemed perfect for her. “No,” he said, “they called her to let her know that she was their second choice.”

Second choice is still being left out in the cold. Week after week, when I read the prayer requests we receive at, I’m struck by the effects of long-term joblessness. Houses going into foreclosure, electricity cut off, people postponing medical care, marriages under stress, grown children moving in with parents.

And yet I see in each prayer request an expression of hope. Hope doesn’t just cave under discouraging statistics. Hope believes in a better future. Hope prays.

Last summer I added to my prayer list three friends who were looking for work. I don’t usually find out what happens to the strangers I pray for, but my friends keep me posted. I was even brave enough to let them know they were on my list.

Here’s the good news. Two of the three have just gotten jobs. Jobs that they really wanted in places that can use their talents. (I confess I keep praying for them because the first few weeks in a new position can be stressful.)

Statistics don’t lie, but statistics don’t tell the whole story. You undoubtedly have people in your own life who are desperately seeking work. Keep their spirits up. Let them blow off steam when they need to. Call ’em, send them an e-mail. Don’t let them lose hope. Keep praying for them.

Let us know who we can pray for. We’ve got hundreds of volunteers all over the country who want to do just that. We’re setting aside November 11 as a special day to remember any financial difficulties people are having. But you don’t need to wait until then. We’re ready to pray right now.

I’m still praying for that third friend.

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