Renew Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Are you on the road to burnout? Here are some tips to avoid exhaustion and replenish your mindy, body and spirit.

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Renew your Mind, Body and Spirit

Do you ever feel depleted spiritually or physically? Many times we go through life racing in many directions, trusting that the condition of our heart is healthy without taking time to renew our mindy, body and spirit. When the warning lights of weariness, restlessness and lack of clarity go on, like those in a car, we refuse to slow down and stop until it’s too late. 

Our calendars run our lives. We lack sleep, physical exercise and eat unhealthy food. Socially, we limit time with enjoyable relationships. Spiritually, we make no time for prayer, worship, reading the Bible or serving others. Then, we break down at the sidelines…worn out, not able to go the distance.


Is this you? Use this checklist of warning signs to determine if you are on the road to burnout:

  • Depreciation of self-worth
  • Devaluation of acts of service
  • Exaggeration of personal problems
  • Loss of passion for life’s purpose
  • Isolation from others 

Here are some tips to avoid spiritual and physical exhaustion:

  • Refocus spiritually; make time for prayer and solitude.
  • Reorder your life; take inventory of what is important and prioritize.
  • Restore your body with rest, exercise, vacation and healthy eating.
  • Renew your mind and spirit with times of reflection, meditation and reading.
  • Reconnect with family and friends to establish meaningful relationships.

How do you replenish your spirit? What helps you get renewed and reenergized? Share with us.  

Lord, help us to slow down and be still to renew our spirit, mind and body. Give us wisdom to reorder our lives and live with purpose.

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