The Gift of Peace in a Troubled World

The gift of Christ reminds us that harmony can start today in our hearts.

Posted in , Dec 8, 2016

How to bring peace to the world

This season we must remember to find peace and love in our hearts even with all that is going on in the world today. It seems that there is trouble everywhere we look. The Syrian war continues to take a toll on so many innocent children and families. The country of Brazil grieves over the loss of 71 individuals in a tragic plane crash. And here in our own country with the different presidential views, issues concerning race, and the personal battles we all face, at times it may feel as if we are unable to find peace. In spite of all troubles, we are encouraged by the good news of peace that the Gospel message brings to us.

Yes, I understand the complexities of politics, power and differences in opinion that exist among humans, but as people of faith we must lead the way with love, grace and goodness. We must have honest and raw conversations with God about the things that trouble us. And we must always look to the Gospel for inspiration.

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I can’t help but be inspired by the vision of Isaiah when he spoke about the coming of the kingdom of God, “…God’s Message comes from Jerusalem. He’ll settle things fairly between nations. He’ll make things right between many peoples. They’ll turn their swords into shovels, their spears into hoes. No more will nation fight nation; they won’t play war anymore. Come, family of Jacob, let’s live in the light of God.” I know we haven’t arrived there yet, but this vision inspires us to keep believing and working for that peaceful day, one day at a time.

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The world and our lives may seem far from peace, but the gift of Christ reminds us that harmony can come to us today in our hearts. Imagine if we all committed ourselves to becoming peace makers, our world would be very different. Until then, we must pray and live for peace. How can we give the gift of tranquility to our world and others? Please share with us.

Lord, let your peace reign in our hearts; let us spread your peace in our world.

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