The Newness of God’s Mercy

God’s mercy is like nothing else. He shows his great love toward us every day.

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The Newness of God’s Mercy

“Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not, they are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 2:22-23)

I am the youngest of five children. Four girls and one boy. My three sisters are close in age, which was good news for my parents, as the younger ones were able to wear clothes the older ones had outgrown.

When I had my own children, every time my older daughter would outgrow an item, I would save it to reuse later. Unfortunately, there are 13 years between my two daughters, which meant there was no way around buying clothes periodically. There seemed to be a special spark in their eyes when they knew we were going shopping for something new. They could hardly wait.

Some days I have that same feeling: I can’t wait for something new. It is not related to clothes or shopping at the mall. It is the excitement of a new day. A new chance to fulfill my goals and dreams, to restore relationships, to start with a clean slate. This is how God blesses us each day.

The scriptures tell us that God has a plan for us that includes something new each day. He does not carry over anything from the previous day. When we go to sleep each night and wake up to a new day, we get a do-over.

God’s mercy is like nothing else. He shows his great love toward us every day, by withholding punishment or judgment that we deserve. I have heard people argue and get upset because they have said they did not get what they deserved. I say, “Thank God we don’t get what we deserve.” What we get is so much better. We get God’s compassion and God’s love new and fresh each day. As we prepare our hearts for Christmas, let the newness of God’s mercy fill you. Pray that the revelation of this truth will inspire us all during this season.

God bless you!

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