Thumb Prayers

The Guideposts editor-in-chief explains how a friend of his prays with a cellphone.

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This week Julee had to have a second surgery on the collarbone she fractured at Thanksgiving. It was a very disappointing setback and put us both in a troubled mood. I was telling a friend about the situation when in mid-lament he whipped out his Blackberry and started texting, thumbs flying. Unbelievable! I fumed. My annoyance must have been evident in my expression.

“My prayer list,” he quickly explained. “I just want to enter your names and what problems you’re struggling with. This way I can keep track and make sure I pray for you and Julee.” He peered at his device. “Actually you’re already on my list so all I have to do is update it.” He went to work again with his thumbs then slipped the Blackberry back in his pocket. “I’m kind of a prayer geek,” he laughed.

Many people I know keep prayer lists but this was a first in my experience. I’m still writing things on scraps of paper and trusting in my ever less-trustworthy memory. Last week I asked you to share some of the ways you connect outwardly with your faith every day. This week I’d like you to post the ways you keep track of your prayers. Meanwhile I am very grateful to my friend and his Blackberry. It was the first time I ever saw anyone pray with their thumbs.  

Edward Grinnan is Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of GUIDEPOSTS Publications.

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