Stories of Faith

Beloved Christmas tradition

A Family’s Beloved Christmas Tradition

It all started years ago when a young girl began writing a yearly letter to her future self.

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Author, teacher and pastor Francis Chan; photo courtesy Francis Chan

3 Questions: Francis Chan

The pastor and best-selling author on overcoming divisiveness, the power of the Lord’s Prayer and the hope of a brand new year.

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Ty'Ann Brown, Guideposts' Vice President of Ministries

Keep the Faith with Ty'Ann Brown: Love Thy Neighbor

Guideposts' VP of Ministries reminds us that in difficult times, it's important to remember to do two things: Love God and love your neighbor.

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Mourning a mother

A Pastor Searches for Words to Say at His Mother's Funeral

After years of officiating at services for others, struggling to make sense of his own loss.

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Matt Brown preaching

How the Enneagram Can Be Helpful in Your Faith Journey

Pastor Matt Brown explores this ancient tool of wisdom in A Book Called YOU.

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Lessons on Fatherhood from the Story of Joseph

We can learn so much about parenting and faith from the biblical father, who raised God’s only Son. 

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How to remember your dreams

3 Ways to Remember Your Dreams

Dreams are one way God speaks to us—here’s how to explore His message.

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Holiday de-stressing

This Holiday Season, How to Find the Blessings of De-Stressing

The pressure to prepare for upcoming celebrations has already begun. Where to turn?

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An illustration of three doves perched on tree branches; ILLUSTRATION BY LUCY CARTWRIGHT

How Their Holy Land Trip Fostered Peace and Goodwill

A fleeting interaction involving a Christian grandmother, a Muslim grandmother, a Jewish mother and an adopted girl in Jerusalem’s Old City.

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Sarah Jakes Roberts; photo by Brian Freeman

3 Questions: Sarah Jakes Roberts

The best-selling author, pastor and motivational speaker on overcoming negativity and second (and third!) chances. 

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Ty'Ann Brown, Guideposts' Vice President of Ministries; photo by Todd Plitt

Keeping the Faith: The Power of a Thank-You

Guideposts’ Vice President of Ministries reminds us of the importance of gratitude—for both large and small blessings.

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A view through an airplane window at the wing and the puffy clouds beyond

An Excerpt from Daily Guideposts 2022: Here Comes the Sun

In this excerpt from Daily Guideposts 2022, we are reminded that even in the stormiest of times, God is with us.

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Guideposts Daily Planner

5 Ways to Use a Daily Planner to Grow Your Faith

Schedule time to connect with God and strengthen your prayer practice.

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Couple grieving

When Faith Empowers Us to Endure the Impossible

If anger, resentment and bitterness beckon, it’s God’s love that can answer.

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