Stories of Hope

Guideposts blogger Shawnelle Eliasen's son Isaiah and dog Rugby play in the season's first snow.

Rejoicing in the Season's First Snow

A whitewashed landscape renews the soul and banishes worry.

The healing power of song. Rick Hamlin will be singing a song a day during Advent.

The Healing Power of Song

After a serious lung infection, Rick Hamlin gets an early Christmas gift.

Pay it forward. Who needs love, support or encouragement from you today?

Pay It Forward

Who needs support, encouragement or love from you today?

An Angels on Earth reader supplies some timely advice for Guideposts blogger Colleen Hughes to share with her daughters.

A Gift from an Angels on Earth Reader

Gearing up for a parent/teacher conference, Colleen receives a kindly letter just in time.

Turn your worry into an opportunity to get closer to God.

The Opportunity of Worry

Concerned about a goddaughter in Paris, Rick Hamlin realizes that worry can lead us back to God.

Giving thanks is good for the soul and your health. Guideposts blogger Diana Aydin has decided to give thanks daily for at least 5 things, big or small.

The Gratitude Challenge–Part 1

Giving thanks isn’t just a nice idea. It's actually good for your health!

When a loved one hurts, remember the light of God shines everywhere.

When a Loved One Hurts

Watching a loved one's struggle can trigger worry and fear, but the Lord is ever-present, and His love brings light.

The words of old hymns can bring comfort in the darkest hours.

The Blessing of Old Hymns

Their familiar words have wrapped around my soul and brought comfort in the night.

the faith to withstand winter with God's love

Warm Your Heart as You Prepare for Winter

Most of us dislike winter, endless days of unchanging, frigid weather, threatening to shrivel our faith and discourage our spirits

Edward Grinnan and his new inspirational puppy, Grace.

The Inspirational Puppy

I felt something inside me give, something that had been clenched since the moment Millie died.