Stories of Hope

No moment of wonder is too small to share.

Do You Have a Mysterious Moment?

Inspiration can come in teeny-tiny packages. Share your story of wonder, no matter how small, with us!

Remember that you can count on God. And don't forget to thank Him!

A God You Can Count On

Remember all the times when He’s come through for you. Here’s my list.

When change is constant, here's how to find hope and comfort.

Finding Comfort in a Changing World

A Greek philosopher reminds us that change is constant. But then there’s God…

How our faith makes us better people.

Embracing Faith

How we become better people–even in sickness–through our faith

How to become a better person, not a bitter person.

A Bitter Person or a Better Person?

It all depends on how you choose to respond to life's blows.

The river of God's peace wash over you.

Defeat Worry with These 3 Promises from God

When life stretches you to the breaking point, remember these 3 promises from God.

How your prayers can make a difference.

Give the Gift of Prayer

Does offering to pray for someone make a difference? More than you know.

How God wants you to soar to your hopes and dreams.

Taking A Leap of Faith

We don’t have to pack a parachute to chase the hopes and dreams He’s placed in our hearts.

How weird, out-of-the-box prayers get answered.

Weird Prayers That Got Answered

Some prayers may seem silly or strange or contrary to belief. Outside the box. Pray them anyway.

How to become an OurPrayer volunteer and help others.

Empowered by Prayer

A personal invitation to become an OurPrayer volunteer and help those who need comfort and support.