Stories of Hope

A daughter shares apple sauce with her elderly mother and experiences a moment of wonder.

Learning to Appreciate the Small Moments

Visiting an elderly mother with dementia, a daughter experiences a small moment of wonder.

Why life's storms don't define us.

Why Life’s Storms Don’t Define Us

How to be an extension of God’s loving hands to those who are hurting

Gifts and blessings right under your nose.

Blessings and Wonders Right Under Your Nose

A forgotten yellow cardigan, gifted a few years ago, now brightens up a work week

5 reminders of hope when military life gets tough

5 Things to Remember When Military Life Gets Tough

How to combat the fear and stress that may overwhelm you when a loved one is deployed.

The comfort of getting a short note when someone reaches out to you.

The Comfort of a Short Note

When God prompts you to reach out to someone, it may be a turning point for them.

Join the Guideposts prayer challenge to end world hunger.

Combining Prayer and Action to Help Others

How prayer can lead to compassion and action to end world hunger

How to help and protect our military veterans when they come home to civilian life.

4 Ways to Help and Protect Our Military Veterans

Returning to civilian life isn't easy. Here are ways that you can ease a veteran's transition.

How the gift of a tea set brought healing.

How a Tea Set Led to Healing

Years after leaving an abusive relationship, a gift ushers in forgiveness.

Practice compassion and mercy on a daily basis.

How Our Faith Can Make a Difference in the World

Don’t be distracted from performing daily acts of mercy, compassion and grace.

In times of danger, stress and fear, Psalm 23 promises God's comfort of food and rst.

The Comfort of Psalm 23

In the face of stress and fear, God will provide food and rest.