Stories of Hope

Mara Measor used her prayer doodles to fight depression.

Naked Prayers: Honest Confessions to a Loving Creator

Simple but powerful prayer doodles help a creative young woman combat depression.

Diana Aydin
If you're broken, you can be mended by God through faith.

Mended by God

Being restored to the Lord brings joy. And this joy is too precious to keep to ourselves.

Did you ever realize that the Bible is full of love letters to us from God?

Love Letters from God

The Bible is filled with precious promises, words of hope and wisdom, and the answers to any question we’ll ever have. 

The dream of an angel's visit to a hospital bedside prompts the beginning of recovery.

The Angel's Reprieve

A sister dreams of an angel visiting her brother's hospital bedside–and recovery begins.

Your Heavenly Father, the perfect dad.

Your Heavenly Father–The Perfect Dad

Seek Him out, and you'll find that He is the answer to every need that you have.

A light in the dark

Jesus Is the Light in the Dark

When things seem so dark that you can't find a way out, remember the light of Jesus.

Prayers needed from a hospital room.

From a Hospital Room: Prayers Needed

A beloved Guideposts editor welcomes and savors all the healing prayers coming his way.

Why is God calling me to Ireland?

Why Is God Calling Me to Ireland?

A series of signs point a Mysterious Ways editor and her sisters to a particular place–Ireland.

Positive thoughts can create a positive outlook, affecting any outcome.

Positive Thoughts for Every Challenge

God can help you see your situation with faith, not fear, and a positive attitude.

How to keep a joyful heart. Remember God loves you.

How to Find Hope in Hard Times

When you feel discouraged, remember that God loves you!