Stories of Hope

In times of danger, stress and fear, Psalm 23 promises God's comfort of food and rst.

The Comfort of Psalm 23

In the face of stress and fear, God will provide food and rest.

Pray not just for relief from a bad situation, but for something amazing to happen.

Pray for Blessings from Disappointment

Don’t just pray for relief or deliverance. Pray for God to turn a bad situation on its head.

A lost wallet and the kindness of others

Seeing Life Through a Lens of Joy

A wallet is left at a gas station. Then good things begin to happen.


A Jesus year birthday at 33.

The Jesus Year

Turning 33 and making it the best year possible.

Call God when you're in trouble.

Pray When You're In Trouble

God cares about our messes, so send Him a prayer about yours.

A military mom finds comfort in the Psalms.

A Military Mom Finds Solace in the Psalms

During her son's deployment, fear and sadness were overwhelming until this mom picked up her Bible.

Face your fears with faith.

Face Your Fears with Faith

Don’t miss out on life’s opportunities because you’re scared.

How assistance dogs help military veterans and those suffering from PTSD.

How Service Dogs Support Our Veterans

International Assistance Dog Week celebrates these canine angels of help.

How to comfort friends in need.

5 Ways to Help Friends in Need

Even when you can’t fix someone else’s problem, you can help them cope.

How military families can cope with stress, anxiety and worry.

When Life’s Storms Keep Coming

How military families can face stress, anxiety and worry with a little more understanding and peace.