Stories of Hope

During difficult times, stories of hope help sustain and inspire us to never give up.
5 blessings during difficult times
Emotional and Mental Health

5 Blessings During Difficult Times

If you’re enduring difficult days right now, it doesn’t have to be all about anger, fear and frustration.

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5 ways to raise awareness of PTSD.
Military Outreach Stories

5 Positive Ways to Help Veterans Cope with PTSD

5 ways to help military families cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and debunk the myths surrounding it.

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Remember when God showed up for you.
Positive Living

Remember When God Showed Up for You

The Bible is full of stories of God's presence in scary circumstances. Do you have a similar story?

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The joy of children singing praise to God.
Positive Living

Music to God’s Ears

God encourages us to praise Him with song, to sing with joy because He’s redeemed us and comforted us.

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The mystery in how God does His work.
Answered Prayers

Letting God Do His Work as We Do Ours

Most of God’s work happens quietly, changing hearts and minds and lives in ways we can’t see.

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Ghost Racer video about a missed dad will move you.
God's Grace

Ghost Racer Video Offers Comfort Around Loss of a Dad

“Player Two” transforms a gamer’s YouTube comment into an emotional short film about missing a dad.

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How an angel comforted a grieving sister.

An Angel's Words of Comfort

A grieving sister is reassured after her brother's death.

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Applying mindfulness meditation to problem solving.
God's Grace

Slow Down and Appreciate Each Moment

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman finds a mindful weekend retreat helps him de-stress and harmonize his thoughts.

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How to cope with unanswered prayers.
Persistent Prayer

3 Ways to Cope with Unanswered Prayers

How to hang on and trust God to be true to His promise of provision

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A blind woman's sight is miraculously restored.
God's Grace

Blind Woman’s Restored Sight a True Miracle

For two decades, Mary Ann Franco was blind. Until an accident helped her see.

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