Whether you've achieved a big goal or reached a tiny milestone, success is a journey as well as a destination.
How to reach your goals in the New Year.
Finding Life Purpose

3 Steps to Reaching Your Goals

How to bring about positive changes and new habits in the New Year

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Fitness inspiration for getting healthier in the New Year.

Fitness Inspiration for a New You

Don't be intimidated by gyms if you want to exercise more. Here's a useful mantra.

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Getting promoted takes preparation. How Guideposts blogger Michelle Medlock Adams prepared for the assignment of a lifetime.
Finding Life Purpose

Preparing for Promotion

Getting ready for the assignment of a lifetime.

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Failure can be a good thing--you can learn from it and it means you tried.
Positive Living

When Failure Is a Good Thing

Failure is a process you can learn from. And, most important, it means you tried.

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No one succeeds alone. Remember those who helped you and don't forget to help others.
Finding Life Purpose

No One Makes It Alone

Reaching our goals is never easy; that is why we need God and others by our side.

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woman reading Scripture to learn how to accomplish her goals
Bible Resources

6 Tips from Scripture for Success

Follow these six steps from the Bible to accomplish your goals.

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A cs. 1950s Wall Drug postcard
Power of Prayer

Succeeding on Faith, Friendliness—and Free Ice Water

Five thousand glasses of free H2o per day—and a friendly, faith-based approach to doing business—helped South Dakota's Wall Drug thrive, as the store's founder and proprietor, Ted Hustead, shares in this 1951 story.

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