Whether you've achieved a big goal or reached a tiny milestone, success is a journey as well as a destination.
a laughing woman holds a rainbow colored umbrella in the rain
Positive Living

9 Ways to Be Happier

Lee Crutchley's new workbook will help you be happy, "or at least less sad".

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Katie Farrell
Health and Wellness

Dealing with Temptation

Excerpt from the book Devotions for a Healthier You by Katie Farrell

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diverse group working out at a gym

How to Choose a Good Gym

Working out in a place that's right for you can be, well, the key to working out at all!

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Man stretching in the rain

Stretch Past Your Comfort Zone

Personal trainer Theresa Rowe shares an easy stretch you can do anywhere

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Annette Vivian walking with Snoopy and Rocco. Photo courtesy Annette Vivian.

Your Dog, Your Workout Buddy

If you own a dog, an exercise routine is just a leash away.

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Teens in class. Photo: 123RF(r)

Struggling Grades

Do your teen's grades need improving? Here's how to teach her good study habits.

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Moses and the burning bush. Thinkstock
Emotional and Mental Health

Don’t Miss Out on the Blessing

When God asks you to do something hard or scary, is your first reaction, "I couldn't possibly..."?

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woman in a field at sunrise
Living Longer, Living Better

Achieving Your Purpose ‘Beyond Willpower’

Dr. Alexander Loyd’s new book provides a roadmap to healing

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Shelene Bryan strolls with a group of children in the Dominican Republic
People Helping People

The Rewards of Giving

Former Hollywood producer Shelene Bryan's foundation has helped people all over the world.

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