Whether you've achieved a big goal or reached a tiny milestone, success is a journey as well as a destination.
Joe (left) thought he could share his faith with Thomas, but it was Thomas who did most of the sharing.

In Tandem?

Thomas was an answer to prayer...just not the one he expected.

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Positive Living

Wisdom Quotes

Enjoy these words of wisdom from celebrities and Guideposts readers alike.

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Sculptor. Photo by Beautiful Day, Shutterstock.
Emotional and Mental Health

Tapping into Our God-Given Potential

If we believe in ourselves half as much God believes in us, we can do amazing things with our lives.

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Milton Caniff, with two of his most famous creations, Steve Canyon (left) and Terry
Work Life

Guideposts Classics: Milton Caniff on the Meaning of Success

In this story from June 1963, the man behind such classic comic strips as Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon pays homage to the man who was his mentor.

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Crossroads with the sun rising in the horizon
Finding Life Purpose

8 Questions to Ask When Discerning God’s Will

When faced with a difficult decision, these questions will help you discern God's will.

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Guideposts: Best-selling author and Bible teacher Sheila Walsh
Coping With Illness

How Depression Brought Sheila Walsh Closer to God

Best-selling author and Bible teacher Sheila Walsh shares how she came to fully experience the transformational power of Jesus.

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Children enjoying the moment.
Finding Life Purpose

Enjoy the Journey

We shouldn’t be so consumed with pursuing goals that we miss seeing daily life.

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Movies and TV

Faith Wins at the Academy Awards

Unbelievable moments in acclaimed films are often inspired by real-life “Mysterious Ways.”

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J.D.  and Judy Wade

Love Stories We Love: J.D. & Judy's 50th Anniversary

After a 23-day courtship, the Wades married and have been together for half a century.

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A faith community that is helping military veterans. Photo courtesy Edie Melson.
Military Outreach Stories

Serving Those Who Sacrifice

How faith communities can help military veterans adjust to life back home.


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