Whether you've achieved a big goal or reached a tiny milestone, success is a journey as well as a destination.
A jubilant J. R. Martinez holds his Mirrorball trophy aloft.
Military Outreach Stories

J.R. Martinez: 'Dancing with the Stars' Winner Relies on Faith

A badly burned Iraq veteran rises above his setbacks to win Dancing with the Stars.

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An artist's rendering of a happy outdoor wedding

Just Perfect!

She hoped to give her daughter the wedding of her dreams, but could she pull it off?

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Susan Karas poses by the new car she purchased.
Emotional and Mental Health

The Courage to Confront Her Fears

With her husband gone, she had learn to stand up for herself. Could she pull it off?

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Mark Teixeira giving interview

Faith at First Base

New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira talks about faith and family.

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Ben Simon, founder of Food Recovery Network, and students boxing up food

Students Turn Leftovers into Meals for the Hungry

A college student discovers how to trim campus food waste and help those in need. 

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Ranae Owens Knapp and her husband, Gilbert
Coping With Illness

Inspiring Her Man to Reclaim His Life

She dearly loved her husband, but how could she help him regain a healthy weight?

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Angels on Earth editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes
Positive Living

A Marathon Angel

The runner got her second wind, and with a burst of energy headed toward the finish...

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close-up of cereal.
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: Proof of God's Provision

We didn't know what to do with the donation we received. God knew, though.

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