Whether you've achieved a big goal or reached a tiny milestone, success is a journey as well as a destination.
David Felty
Answered Prayers

What Prayer Can Do: A Divine Burst of Speed

He prayed for help in putting a bully in his place, but what he really needed was a miracle.

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Benjamin Watson, his wife, Kirsten, and their four children
Emotional and Mental Health

An NFL Star's Inspiring New Game Plan

He wanted to be the best. But even the best was never good enough, and it tormented him.

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Robin Donica Wolaver with her family, the members of the Annie Moses Band
Finding Life Purpose

The Blessing of Music

The founder of the Annie Moses Bands reveals how the group got its name.

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Karen Kingsbury, daughter, Kelsey, and son-in-law, Kyle, Guideposts
Managing Life Changes

Karen Kingsbury's Inspiring Encounter on the High Line

A chance meeting even this beloved novelist could never have imagined
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Joanna Featherstone
Positive Living

Success She Could Never Have Dreamed Of

Acting was her passion. But what happens when your dream gets crushed?

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Kalika Peske
Life Advice

There's No Place Like Home

She was ready to give up—on herself, on love, on God—but her hometown beckoned.

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An artist's whimsical rendering of a field mouse on a farm
Positive Living

Keeping Mice in Their Place…Outdoors

Told there was nothing to be done about the mouse problem on the farm, she found a creative and humane solution.

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Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan and his dog, Millie
Positive Living

Decision-Making 101

Young graduates are so inspiring. They remind me of a lesson I learned from one of my own professors...

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Caroline Updyke with her daughter Lauren
Special Needs Children

Making the Most of God's Gifts

Her daughter was brave about her learning disability, braver than her mother.

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Nik Wallenda on a high wire 200 feet over Sarasota, Florida
Positive Living

A High-Wire Walk with God

His parents wanted something better for him than the circus life. But what could be better?

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