Whether you've achieved a big goal or reached a tiny milestone, success is a journey as well as a destination.
Organizing tips for military families

New Year’s Organizing Tips for Military Families

4 ways to cut back on stress by being ready for sudden changes in the year ahead

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Reviewing a year full of spiritual connections and milestones
Better Living

A Year of Spiritual Highlights

Mysterious Ways assistant editor Dan Hoffman shares his personal milestones from 2016.

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Never give up on your dreams.
Finding Life Purpose

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

You never know when God is ready to help you complete that big project.

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Self-control is a gift God wants to give you.
Positive Living

Pray for Self-Control

It’s something the Spirit is longing to give you as you struggle with habits, good and bad.

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The faith Olympics
Positive Living

The Faith Olympics

Has God put big dreams in your heart? How to train for them over the long-run. 

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