The joys of summer are many, from beach or poolside fun to outdoor exploration to backyard barbeques and vacations with loved ones. Soak up summer!
Take care of your pets on vacation.

Going on Vacation? What About the Pets?

Whether you're boarding, hiring a sitter or taking them with you, make sure they get the best of care.

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Cupcake on a scale. Photo: Thinkstock.

Cupcakes and Bathing Suits

One of the best reasons to lose weight and get fit? So you can serve God.

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Isaiah helps keep Georgia cool.

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Look for ways to refresh those the Lord brings into your life every day.

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Jimmy Edwards

An Angel in the River

Boating, fishing—if it happened on the water, he could handle it. Or so he thought...

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A woman treading water in the ocean gazes at a distant lighthouse.
God's Grace

Survival Mode

She’d been in the water for seven hours. The lighthouse was her only hope. Almost.

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Drawing by Paul Soupiset
How to Pray

An Artful Journey Through Lent

Discover the Lenten sketchbooks of Paul Soupiset and have a prayer focus for each day.

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Diana Aydin's parents.

Love at First Grade

A daughter's all-time favorite love story and miracle–how her parents met.

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Erin and Jim with their daughter, Aurora Dawn
God's Grace

True North

Their finances were faltering. Was a job on an Alaskan fishing trawler the answer?

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Ears of corn in shape of a heart. Photo by acongar, Thinkstock.

Love in Unusual Wrappings

Beyond a box of chocolates, love arrives in a box of corn or an emptied dishwasher.

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