The joys of summer are many, from beach or poolside fun to outdoor exploration to backyard barbeques and vacations with loved ones. Soak up summer!
little boy on the first day of school
Answered Prayers

A Long-Awaited Answered Prayer

A mother's desperate prayer for her son entering second grade serves as a life lesson to trust God.

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Prayer blogger Peola Hicks
Adult Children

Pray for Your Season of Love

Seasons of love with God at the center is the most that any family could ask for.

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Positive Thinking blogger Amy Wong
Positive Thinking

Positive Playlist: We Love Ice Cream

This record-breaking heat wave has even me and my usually positive attitude drooping. Here's how I stay cool.

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An arm in a cast covered with signatures
Devotions for Good Health

"Why Did God Let This Happen?"

Despite his disappointment, he managed to keep a great attitude. One night at dinner he asked to do the prayer...

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Sherry Gore with a platter of her tropical chicken salad

Love from the Amish Riviera

In Pinecraft, Florida, visiting is a way of life. And you never arrive empty-handed.

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Edward Grinnan, Guideposts Editor-in-Chief,and his dog, Milie
Seasonal Devotions

A Devotion for the Dog Days of Summer

Today was going to be one of those days when nothing happened. And that was good.

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Summer reading list from Guideposts Books

7 Great Summer Reads

Here are seven picks from our editors for summer reading you're sure to enjoy!

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Tanya Richardson poses with a refreshing smoothie in her hand
Health and Wellness

Low-Sugar Smoothie

When it's hot out, it's great to start your day with something cool, like a creamy smoothie.

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An artist's rendering of a wind-tossed patio umbrella
God's Grace

A Heavenly Pointer

A gust of wind points her toward the patio umbrella she thought was gone for good.

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