The joys of summer are many, from beach or poolside fun to outdoor exploration to backyard barbeques and vacations with loved ones. Soak up summer!
the importance of relaxing
Life Advice

The Pleasure and Power of Doing Nothing at All

Summertime is the ideal season to embrace the notion that “being” can sometimes outrank “doing” as a top activity.

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5 Tips for the Best Summer Naps
Living Longer, Living Better

5 Tips for the Best Summer Naps

Napping can improve memory, mood and alertness—among other things.

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Woody and the rest of his Toy Story 4 pals
Movies and TV

6 Inspiring Movies Coming Out This Summer

From talking toys to high school superheroes, these flicks will keep you happy and cool all summer long.

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Healthy 4th of July snacks

5 Red, White and Blue Snacks for Your 4th of July

Healthy, easy and inexpensive ways to celebrate America. 

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Add these fresh, delicious fruits to any favorite healthy recipes.
Health and Wellness

7 Healthy Summer Fruits to Add to Your Diet

From seasonal staples like strawberries and watermelon to more exotic picks like mango and superfoods like blueberries and pineapple, these are the summer fruits worth adding to your diet.

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6 prayers for summer fun
Seasonal Prayers

6 Simple Prayers to Increase Summer Fun

It’s a season that brings special situations—from an urge to skip church to bathing suit self-criticism. Here’s how to pray through it.

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How to grow a wild lawn
Positive Living

3 Ways to Let Your Lawn Go Wild

Scale back your grass with these beautifully wild and environmentally-friendly lawn substitutes.

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A close up of a pool as chair line the poolside.

A Heavenly Vision by the Pool

She thought her life was ordinary but a peculiar vision reminded her otherwise.

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Declutter your garden.
Positive Living

5 Ways to Declutter Your Garden

Clearing clutter isn’t just an indoor activity. Give your garden space to grow with these easy tips.

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