The joys of summer are many, from beach or poolside fun to outdoor exploration to backyard barbeques and vacations with loved ones. Soak up summer!
Prayer for the End of Summer
Seasonal Prayers

Prayer for the End of Summer

Gratitude for soft wind and waves and sea-green water—and one more ear of fresh corn.

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How to have a positive day at the beach
Positive Living

4 Ways to Have a Positive Day at the Beach

Get the most out of a day filled with sand and surf.

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3 Different Ways to Enjoy Watermelon

3 Different Ways to Enjoy Watermelon

A wedge of watermelon can’t be beat, but try these other ideas to work this hydrating summer fruit onto your plate in new ways.

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How to shift quickly into vacation mindset.

3 Ways to Shift into a Vacation Mindset

Whether your travels are taking you near or far, you can embrace the beauty of being fully away.

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How Sweating Is Good for Body and Soul Summer means sweat. better living health wellness

How Sweating Is Good for Body and Soul

Summer means sweat, whether from exercise or just being outside in the hazy-hot-humidity. Why not see the positive side of a good sweat?

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Creating memories during summer
Inspiring Stories

Creating Summer Memories

One summer evening led to a lifelong partnership full of family and joy.

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Facing fear at the beach
Military Families

Facing Fear to Find Calm Waters

A day at the beach reminds a military mom how she found peace after her son was deployed.

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Finding peace and quiet in the tomato patch
Life Advice

Cultivating Silence in the Tomato Patch

Pruning these unwieldy vines reveals more than swelling fruit—it shows what can grow when given some space.

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Smell the flowers for a positive experience.
Emotional and Mental Health

Take a ‘Flower Walk’ for a Breath of Fresh Air

Even if all you see are dandelions and clover, noticing the colorful, growing things around you can refresh your whole outlook.

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Summer is the perfect time for a family reunion

Why You Should Plan a Family Reunion

Time with your loved ones is truly one of God’s great blessings.

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