Survival Stories

Be moved by the survival stories of those who beat the odds and lived to tell some amazing tales.
Ruby Bridges Hall in front of WIlliam Frantz Public School
Stories of Hope

In 1960 Little Ruby Bridges Bravely Entered an All-White School

20 years ago this month she told Guideposts the story of how faith, family—and one amazing teacher—helped her overcome her fear.

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Nanook the dog in the snow.

How This Dog Rescues People in the Alaskan Wilderness

Meet Nanook, an Alaskan husky who's more than just a pet—he's a canine hero.

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Photo: Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs/Facebook

Comfort Dogs for Orlando

In the wake of tragedy, an offering of love and healing

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Lynne Nichols with her son, Ben.

A Mother’s Love

Sometimes it’s the only thing on earth that can save us

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How our faith makes us better people.
Coping With Illness

Embracing Faith

How we become better people–even in sickness–through our faith

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Guideposts: Journalist Edith Rosenbaum Russell
God's Grace

A Titanic Survivor Story

When fashion journalist Edith Rosenbaum Russell boarded the RMS Titanic on April 10, 1912, she didn’t know that a pig would end up saving her life.

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What happens when a doctor takes a leap of faith?

A Doctor’s Leap of Faith

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman considers the ways doctors go beyond the logic of medicine.

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Guideposts blogger Rick Hamlin has experienced the healing power of the psalms during his recent hospital stay and illness.
Power of Prayer

The Healing Power of the Psalms

There is such healing in the words of the Psalms. Here are just five verses that capture that.

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Seun Adebiyi in the NYTimes
Living With Cancer

Cancer Survivor Seun Adebiyi Is “Living Breath to Breath”

Though the courageous American Cancer Society ambassador is in remission, he still lives by the mantra that got him through cancer: This too shall pass.

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Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe in Gulu, Uganda
Finding Life Purpose

Sister Rosemary's Faith

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