Adoption is the path by which many families become complete. Celebrate your family's story, and rejoice in the blessings of adoption.
Boy and dog sitting together

This Story About a Boy and His Dog Will Leave You in Tears

A boy and his three-legged dog prove that true friendship can overcome any obstacle

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Man and woman embracing as they watch children play.

God Blessed this Couple with the Family They Always Wanted

This couple nearly gave up on having a family, but God had other plans for them.

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Fred Kiser is reunited with his birth mother after 65 years.

A Reunion 65 Years in the Making

Watch as a man, adopted as an infant, is reunited with his birth mother after 65 years.

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An artist's rendering of an old car lit by the golden glow of a streetlight

Comforted, After All

Her granddaughter said the darndest thing. It was shocking to realize it was true.

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Sweet September author Tricia Goyer

How a Garden (and a Family) Grows

The Home to Heather Creek author shares that growing a garden and growing a family are both hard work but worth the effort.

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Kristin Chenoweth sign autographs and poses for pictures for her fans.
Movies and TV

Kristin Chenoweth's Mysterious Encounter

The blonde woman's green eyes looked oddly familar to the well-known and beloved actress.

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Peggy Frezon with her spaniel, Kelly, and Kathy with her golden, Moses

A Mom for Moses

She thought her dog, Kelly, could use a companion. Instead she brought home an enemy.

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A rescued dog named Fiona

A Miraculous Recovery for Fiona

Watch as a small, stray pup has her sight restored and is paired with a new loving family.

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An artist's rendering of a Chinese angel embracing a young Chinese girl

A Blessing from China

Her infant daughter was on the other side of the world. Who would watch over her?

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Teddy bear and orphaned foal snuggling

Snuggle Buddies

An orphaned foal finds comfort and healing thanks to a jumbo teddy bear.

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