A wooden nativity set, with a colorful Christmas tree behind it

Norman Vincent Peale: Keep Christmas Calm

On this seventh day of Advent, the founder of Guideposts shares how we can make Christ a holiday guest in our homes.

A family spends some time together on a snowy Christmas day

Norman Vincent Peale: I Remember Three Christmases

On this fifth day of Advent, we share three moving Christmas stories from Norman Vincent Peale, the founder of Guideposts.

How to pray for Christmas peace.

Pray Your Way to Christmas Peace

How to let go of fear, panic and doubt this Advent season and turn over control to God.

The healing power of song. Rick Hamlin will be singing a song a day during Advent.

The Healing Power of Song

After a serious lung infection, Rick Hamlin gets an early Christmas gift.

Guideposts: 26 Days of Advent with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

We're sharing one of Guideposts founder Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's favorite Christmas stories every day of Advent.

Guideposts: Rick Hamlin sings a song a day for Advent.

Listen and sing along as Guideposts executive editor Rick Hamlin sings a song a day for Advent!

A wooden Advent calendar. Photo by ErickN, Shutterstock.

Three Holiday Wonders

Moments of unexpected cheer are what the holidays are made of, writes assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

Pray the Nunc Dimittis at the end of the day. Photo by Jayson Photography.

Pray the Nunc Dimittis

A fitting benediction to your Christmas celebration or to your everyday life. 

The Virgin Mary praying. Photo by John Kelly, Thinkstock.

Pray the Magnificat

A beautiful and compelling prayer to pray in Advent for yourself or those you love