An artist's rendering of an angel on a rocking chair

An Angel Comforts a Grieving Mother

In a family story handed down from generation to generation, a grieving young mother finds comfort in a heavenly presence.

An artist's rendering of Lupe's roadside guardian angel

An Angel in Blue to the Rescue

A blown tire forced her to the narrow shoulder of a busy highway, and repeated calls for a tow truck were of no avail as darkness fell. Would her prayers for assistance be answered?

Summer delights, including summer pie recipes, from Angels on Earth magazine.

Angel Highlights for July and August

Summer is a season, online and off, of delightful sounds, tastes and sights–as well as comfort

An artist's rendering of an angel with a banjo

An Angel Named Bill

He remained an invisible mystery to her, but to her mother, he was a vivid presence.

Winged angels line the path to heaven

Escorted to Heaven by Angels

Be inspired by these tales of heavenly guides bringing comfort and reassurance to people in the final hours of their lives and to the loved ones who are saying goodbye to them.

Scott Unruh on his family's Texas ranch

The Angels Who Took Her Home

He was afraid of death, fearful of the idea of losing any of his loved ones. But when his mother became terminally ill, he experienced a sight that brought him deep and profound comfort.

Guideposts: A pair of angels, carved by Paula Dimit

Paula Dimit: Carving Out Inspiration

Paula Dimit was a recent retiree when, at age 56, she decided to try her hand at wood carving. Twenty years later, she's still creating beautiful—one might even say angelic—works of art.

Angel Inspiration from Someone Cares

Angel Inspiration from Someone Cares

Enjoy beautiful angel art, uplifting Scripture and inspiring messages from Someone Cares greeting cards.

A Butterfly Is a Sign from Heaven

A Sign from Heaven on Her Wedding Day

In this excerpt from Best Angel Stories 2016, a bride prays for a sign from heaven.

The  Annunciation of Angel Gabriel by Gaudenzio Ferrari

Do Angels Really Have Wings?

Here's why heavenly messengers are so often depicted with wings.