God's faith
Stories of Faith

3 Bible Verses to Assure Us of God’s Faith

Instead of worrying, wait for what you need without doubt because God’s grace and provision are always available. 

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Managing depression

Rediscovering Faith and Fighting Depression

The path to battling an inner turmoil with grace and compassion

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How do you wake up in the morning?
Life Advice

Waking Up in Peace

In those first precious moments of the day, do you spend them with God or catching up on the news?

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Turning your worries over to God
Military Outreach

Traveling Light—Dropping the Weight of Worry

How a military mom learned to hand the burden of anxiety over to God

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Looking for warmth and comfort

In Need of Warmth

Offering the comfort of friendship and support when the world around us is cold.

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Looking for a way forward
Power of Prayer

How to Move Forward in Faith

When the future is unknown, remember that God is known, so let prayer guide you.

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Looking for a solution
Life Advice

When God Shows You a Problem

It may become your job to figure out a solution.

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Digging out
Managing Life Changes

How to Respond When You’re Feeling Stuck

The Bible is full of examples of those who didn’t let their circumstances define them.

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Post Christmas exchanges
Power of Prayer

4 Post-Christmas Exchanges

Whether or not you're returning any gifts this week, here are four prayer-filled exchanges worth making.

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Let go of pride to decrease stress
Life Advice

Life Would Be Easier If…

Maybe it starts with setting down the prickly burden of one’s own pride.

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