A man holds his Bible
Bible Verses About Faith

Verses to Live By: Fear Not!

Contributing Editor Rick Hamlin shares Scripture to help you ease your fears with faith.

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Gracie romping

Gracie’s Back! A Dog’s Positive Outlook on Life

It’s stressful to be a human. This golden retriever offers some alternatives.

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Janie Deegan stories of hope addiction homelessness pie crust cookies
Stories of Hope

How Baking Cookies Changed Her Life

After struggling with addiction and homelessness, Janie Deegan splurged on a hand mixer. Now her signature pie crust cookies are selling out in New York City.

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Prayers before bed
How to Pray

Why It’s Important to Pray Before You Sleep

How to empty your brain and fill up your heart before turning out the light

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A scenic mountain path and a beautiful sunrise
Power of Prayer

A 10-Word Prayer to Help in Times of Stress

Guideposts blogger Bob Hostetler shares a brief prayer that helps in time of stress when you may feel you're losing control.

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Holy Week dream

The Bible’s Only Holy Week Dream—What Does It Tell Us?

Of the 21 dreams recorded in the Bible, only one came to a woman. Who was she?

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Positive Living

Doomscrolling: What It Is and How to Stop

These five simple tips can help you spend less time on your phone, sleep better and feel more hopeful about the world. 

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Woman using a tablet at home
Inspiring Stories

7 Quick Soothing Guideposts Reads Before Bed

Prep your mind for a good night’s sleep with some of our relaxing content.

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Weary man
Prayers for Strength

7 Bible Prayers for the Weary

Whether it’s world events or personal problems weighing you down, here’s Scripture to revive your flagging soul.

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A good, long scream
Positive Living

When a Good, Long Scream Is a Healthy Way to Clear the Air

Sometimes emotions are best expressed by yelling out loud!

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