When we don't like our choices, finding the good things
Life Advice

When We Don't Like Our Choices

A distressed wife tends to her ill husband at the hospital and recognizes the good things around her.

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Praying over problems
Power of Prayer

Finding Strength in Prayer

When a problem wears us down and depletes our energy, prayer refuels our spirit and renews our mind.

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Benefit of fear
Life Advice

The Benefit of Confusion and Fear

It’s a surefire way of God getting us to trust Him.

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When You Don’t Feel Like It…

It's one of the most pernicious excuses we give when we sidestep the opportunity to serve God.

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Answered Prayers

The Audacity of Faith

When our human strength is depleted, faith connects us to the source of power.

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Life Advice

6 Ways to Deal with Feeling Overwhelmed

With a season of planning, buying, prepping and traveling upon us, some tips for coping with it all.

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Child stuck behind fence.
Stories of Faith

Seeing a Problem from a Different Perspective

How a spiritual approach can help you figure a way out of a tight spot.

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Couple arguing

Making Better Choices

In the heat of anger, how to step back and get a better perspective on the situation

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The blessings of a detour
Managing Life Changes

4 Reasons to Embrace a Detour

Sure, it may not be the quickest way to your destination. But it may be the best.

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Burst pipe
Prayer Stories

A Problem To Be Grateful For

Learning to tell the difference between an inconvenience and a crisis

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