6 Kinds of Stress and How to Cope
Emotional and Mental Health

6 Kinds of Stress and How to Cope

Can stress make you stronger? When you have solid coping mechanisms in place, the answer is yes.

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Dealing with change
Positive Living

How to Deal with Change

Remember there is one constant when all about you is in flux.

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Comforting a loved one in the hospital
Coping With Illness

The Possible in an Impossible Situation

We often can’t control an outcome, but we can still play an important role.

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Invite God to your pity party
Life Advice

Inviting God to Your Pity Party

4 Bible verses to bring you comfort when things go terribly wrong

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How to support a military spouse
Military Outreach Stories

Challenges of a Military Spouse

Whether their loved one is on active duty, in the reserves or deployed, the spouse at home needs special consideration, too.

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Red rubber stamp rejected, dealing with rejection
Life Advice

How to Recover From Rejection

Rejection hurts but it doesn't have to break us or define us. Here are 5 ways to heal.

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Faith helps you weather bad times.
Power of Prayer

When God Walks with Us Through the Dark Valleys of Life

Discovering how faith can be renewed and strengthened through adversity

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Live for today
Life Advice

Rejoice in Today

Own today, rest in it, be thankful for it. Tomorrow will be what tomorrow will be.

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Palm trees in a storm
Adult Children

A Worried Mom Waits Out the Storm

As Hurricane Irma bore down on her son’s family in Florida, a mother finds spiritual refuge.

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Flood rescue
Stories of Hope

7 Lessons Learned from Hurricane Harvey

In the middle of devastation and suffering, witnessing moments of love and grace

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