Sandi Patty performing
Motivational Stories

Gospel Singer Sandi Patty: How She Found Her True Voice

She is known as a powerhouse singer, but in her new book, the Gospel icon opens up about the sexual assault that kept her quiet for decades.

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Celtic Mystic John O'Donohue
Stories of Faith

4 Keys to Experience Wonder from John O'Donohue

Use these principles from an expert in Celtic spirituality to find wonder in everyday life  

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Woman looking at departure board in airport

5 Tips for Staying Calm During Holiday Travel

Don’t let anxiety keep you from experiencing the joy of travel.

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Waiting for a prayer to be answered
Power of Prayer

How to Pray Until God Answers

A persistent spirit and attitude keeps our faith strong while we wait for our prayers to be answered.

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Do you tend toward positive or negative thinking?
Positive Living

Do You Focus on the Positive or the Negative?

Understanding why some brains tend toward negativity could be a breakthrough in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

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Crisis or inconvenience
Life Advice

The Difference Between Crisis and Inconvenience

Why are small problems a blessing? They're not really big problems!

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Knitting for health
Living Longer, Living Better

The Positive Power of Working with Your Hands

Research shows that creating something with your own two hands stimulates brain chemicals that improve mental health.

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5 Simple Prayers for Military Families
Prayer Stories

5 Simple Prayers for Military Families

Military members aren’t the only ones who need prayer.  

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Daily Devotions

God Is Well

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Prayer as last resort
Power of Prayer

Make Prayer Your First Resort, Not Your Last

Pray early and often to guide you through each and every day.

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