The splendor of autumn leaves is matched only by the crisp, cool days and evenings that call us inside to enjoy the season with those we love.
Easter eggs
Stories of Faith

Easter’s Not Over!

In the heat of July, in the bitter cold of January, in any continent in any season in any time zone. Easter is always here. It’s forever.

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Planting bulbs
Positive Living

How Planting Bulbs Is 'the Work of Hope'

One of the last fall garden tasks is to tuck spring bulbs into the ground, sowing hope for a sweet, colorful spring ahead.

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Fall veggies and slow cookers
Living Longer, Living Better

Flavorful Fall Veggies in the Slow Cooker

Meatless dishes can still satisfy with these rich recipes.

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The flag of the U.S. Marines
Military Families

Learning to Embrace Change in a New Season

A military mom admires her son's transition from recruit to full-fledged U.S. Marine.

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Dealing with change
Positive Living

How to Deal with Change

Remember there is one constant when all about you is in flux.

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How to use apples for more than just pie

5 Delicious, Savory Ways to Enjoy Apples

The hallmark fall fruit can do so much more for you than star in a pie.

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Autumn leaves
Life Advice

Making a Fresh Start as the Leaves Fall

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, speaks of newness just as nature is quieting down for the winter. There’s beauty in that contrast.

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Back to school at any age.
Positive Thinking

A Back-to-School Mindset Is Positive at Any Age

No matter how long it’s been since you cracked a schoolbook, the crisp September air can become an energizing moment in your year.

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Autumn leaves and Bible verses.
Positive Living

Autumn Inspiration Turns to the Bible

The leaves are beautiful this time of year, as are God’s assurances in these verses.

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Appreciating the beauty of fall in your own backyard.
Positive Living

Finding Beauty Everywhere

You often don’t have to travel far to find something of wonder.

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