The splendor of autumn leaves is matched only by the crisp, cool days and evenings that call us inside to enjoy the season with those we love.
Appreciating the beauty of fall in your own backyard.
Positive Living

Finding Beauty Everywhere

You often don’t have to travel far to find something of wonder.

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17 fun and inexpensive field trips for military families.
Military Families

17 Fun (And Cheap!) Field Trips for Military Families

Fall afternoons offer time for families to bond, explore and enjoy time together.

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4 simple prayers for fall
Power of Prayer

4 Simple Prayers for Fall

Let the changing season turn you to new prayers.

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A prayer for autumn to slow down and appreciate the season.
Positive Living

A Prayer to Savor Fall

A prayer to help you contemplate the transformative wonders of autumn.

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Finding the beauty from adversity
Military Outreach Stories

Surviving Adversity, Finding Beauty

As in nature, seasons of stress can produce outcomes of beauty and hope. 

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Faith to accomplish your goals.
Devotions for Women

Put Faith Behind Your Goals

Think about a long-term project in your life. Ask Jesus to reassure you that your work is not in vain, and ask His help in making you steadfast and diligent.

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Giving thanks for mom's cooking, exercise, red plaid blankets and Christmas crafts
Positive Living

Gratitude Challenge–Part 5

Thanks for Christmas crafts, exercise, red plaid blankets and mom's cooking

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Guideposts blogger Diana Aydin logs her 4th part of her gratitude challenge and discovers it's ok to give thanks for the same things over and over.
Positive Living

Gratitude Challenge–Part 4

Giving thanks for apples, best friends, MRIs, encouragement and improv!

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When a loved one hurts, remember the light of God shines everywhere.

When a Loved One Hurts

Watching a loved one's struggle can trigger worry and fear, but the Lord is ever-present, and His love brings light.

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A Halloween mystery--how did a pumpkin appear on top of McGraw Tower on Cornell University back in 1997?
God's Grace

A Halloween Mystery

How, exactly, did a pumpkin end up on top of a 173-foot tower at Cornell University? There's a lesson behind the mystery.

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