The splendor of autumn leaves is matched only by the crisp, cool days and evenings that call us inside to enjoy the season with those we love.
ladybug on a woman's hand
Coping With Grief

Mysterious Ways: The Love Bugs

I dreaded another Thanksgiving without my little Kyley-Bug. I prayed for a sign that my daughter was at peace.

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An apple tree bursting with fresh, ripe apples.
Answered Prayers

God's Help Is Always Within Reach

My prayer was answered in a way that made me laugh.

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Spiced pumpkin butter

Spiced Pumpkin Butter

This spread will soon become a family favorite in your house.

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Devotional writer, Sharon Hinck
Daily Devotions

The Glorious Light of Christ

By Jesus' light, the simple and ordinary becomes sacred.

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Braised Sausage with Chiles

Braised Sausages with Chiles

This delicious recipe delivers lots of flavor with just the right amount of spicy kick.

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Richard Wingate
Power of Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Roadside Assistance

Caught in a storm, a motorcyclist benefits from some unexpected heavenly guidance.

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Illustration of a grandmother in car with Thanksgiving fare

Learning to Let Go at Thanksgiving

A grandmother learns that being a guest brings blessings of its own.

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apple in leaves
Daily Devotions

Celebrate the Change of Season

I finally recaptured what autumn meant when I was growing up.

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Carl and Deena Farris whose prayer was answered on a Michigan trip

A Texan's Prayer Is Answered in Michigan's Colorful Chill

The brilliant autumn hues of the Upper Peninsula deepened this couple's  faith and marital bond.


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A lavender rose
Life After Death

Messages from the Afterlife: St. Stephen's Angel

Little did they know that they were visited by an angel who bore a message from heaven.

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