Baking fills your home with the most delicious aromas--and your heart with the joy that comes from sharing a fresh-baked treat with someone special.
Beth Howard
Positive Living

Sharing Joy, One Slice at a Time

The holidays aren't over for this baker and author—not with National Pie Day upon us!

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One of the joys of Christmas–gingersnap cookies.
Better Living

The Joys of Christmas

A Christmas cookie that took a tween's mind off her tummy

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Family on Christmas Eve. Photo courtesy Michelle Medlock Adams.

Christmas Eve Traditions

It's not the games or sweets or even the gifts, it's all about family being together.

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A father and son baking gingerbread cookies with their dog.

Gingerbread for Dogs

Put on your aprons, dog lovers. You're not done baking for Christmas.

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Baking Christmas cookies. Photo by Ghenadii Boico, Thinkstock.

Christmas Traditions You Can Try

Ways one family has celebrated the season over the years. 

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The Eliasen family blessing box.

The Blessing of the Box

It’s my desire to bless my boys at Christmas, but I want them to learn to bless others more.


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A family makes Christmas cookies to give as gifts.
Life Advice

Christmas During Tough Times

Here are some tips for making the most of the Christmas season when money is tight.

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An artist's rendering of a gloved hand ringing a golden bell by a red pail

A Windblown Blessing

Wise advice from a passing stranger helps a woman retrieve a lost dollar bill.

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Michelle Mahnke with a plate of homemade Christmas cookies
Work Life

A Very Vegas Christmas

She was 22 and far from home. How would the holiday spirit ever find her there?

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Russian Tea Cakes
Health and Wellness

Russian Tea Cakes

Try this delicious recipe for a holiday favorite, Russian Tea Cakes.

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