Baking fills your home with the most delicious aromas--and your heart with the joy that comes from sharing a fresh-baked treat with someone special.
A first-century wedding cake

A First-Century Wedding Cake

Two authors recreate a wedding cake like the one Jesus may have eaten at Cana.

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Angela poses with one of her Mortgage Apple Cakes.
Life Advice

A Sweet Answer to Her Prayer

The health department wouldn't let her bake cakes to save her home, but God interceded.

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Carol Shaw Johnston with her kitchen helpers, her granddaughters Sophie and Lily

The Apple Tart Treatment

She prayed for help in easing her grandchild's burden. The answer she received surprised her.

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Carol's Apple Tarts

Apple Tarts

These delicious apple tarts are easy to make and will quickly prove to be a family favorite.

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A smiling Adrian Drinkard holds a tray of small banana puddings.
Finding Life Purpose

The Pudding That Saved a County

She quickly learned that the way to a businessman's heart was through his stomach.

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Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

This healthy and hearty bread makes for a great pairing with barley vegetable soup.

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The campus chapel where Stacey found solace
Managing Life Changes

Letting God Open the Door

Her bakery struggling and she was at her wits' end when she spotted the little chapel...

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Nursel Aydin
Emotional and Mental Health

The Great Baklava Challenge

Why did her husband promise she made a delicious baklava? Was he crazy?

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Kate’s Coconut Cream Dream Pie

Cocoanut Cream Dream Pie

Here's the winner of our New York City staff's Thanksgiving Pie Bake-Off competition.

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Paula Dyer in the kitchen
Coping With Illness

Keeping Dad Healthy and Happy

Her father had diabetes but he hadn't lost his sweet tooth. But she solved the problem!

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