The energy and athleticism of a basketball game is matched only by the fun of watching favorite athletes represent the winning values we cherish.
Josh Speidel is introduced on Senior Night; photo by Brian Jenkins
Inspiring Stories

The Inspiring Moment Josh Speidel Scored in a College Basketball Game

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, doctors said Josh might be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. This month, he proved them wrong.

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Jessye Norman, Tim Conway and Rachel Held Evans
Finding Life Purpose

Guideposts Says Goodbye: Notable Deaths of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, Guideposts pauses to remember some of the inspiring individuals who left us over the past 12 months.

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Former NBA star Keyon Dooling

How Keyon Dooling Finally Healed from Childhood Sexual Abuse

Former NBA star Keyon Dooling found peace through prayer and therapy.

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Boston Celtics legend John Havlicek

Guideposts Classics: John Havlicek on the Importance of Teamwork

In this story from March 1975, basketball legend John Havlicek shares how he came to understand the value of putting team goals ahead of individual success.

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Getty Images
Emotional and Mental Health

Blanton-Peale Institute Honors Former NBA Star Keyon Dooling

The mental health service organization is recognizing Dooling’s work raising awareness about the unique mental health issues players in the NBA face.

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A basketball in midflight approaches the hoop and backboard
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: Right Place, Right Time

A little girl's sudden and inexplicable urge to play basketball proves to be a factor in a divine intervention.

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Working at Starbucks taught Vin about a life of service.
Addiction and Recovery

Former NBA All-Star Vin Baker’s Journey to Sobriety

How a job at Starbucks became a stepping stone toward his recovery from alcohol addiction.

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Grandma Virginia
Living Longer, Living Better

109-Year-Old Woman Joins Harlem Globetrotters for the Holidays

Grandma Virginia traveled with the Globetrotters to a place very close to her heart.

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Author and former NBA All-Star Vin Baker
Addiction and Recovery

An Excerpt from Vin Baker's 'God and Starbucks'

In this excerpt from his memoir, former NBA star Vin Baker shares how his faith fueled his journey through addiction into recovery.

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Joe Bock helps kids build their skills and confidence.
Living Longer, Living Better

This Benchwarmers Basketball Coach Makes Sure No Child Is Left Out

Joe Bock was always picked last on the basketball court. He grew up to create Benchwarmers Basketball, a program that helps hoops-challenged kids build their skills and grow their confidence.

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