The energy and athleticism of a basketball game is matched only by the fun of watching favorite athletes represent the winning values we cherish.
Former collegiate and professional basketball star Otis Birdsong

Guideposts Classics: Otis Birdsong on Faith in Tough Times

In this story from April 1982, the former collegiate and professional basketball star recalls how faith and a mother's love saw him through a bad slump.

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Purdue University power forward Caleb "Biggie" Swanigan
Motivational Stories

Mentor Guides Hoops Star to March Madness and Beyond

Weighing in at nearly 400 at age 13, Purdue University's Caleb Swanigan got off to a rough start, but his older brother made a call that changed his life.

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Golden State's Stephen Curry closely guards Cleveland star LeBron James

NBA Finals: Warriors and Cavaliers Prayed Together

What's the most surprising thing about the NBA Finals? The answer has nothing to do with who won. 

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Basketball. Thinkstock.
Power of Prayer

A March Madness Message

Just as in basketball, we must keep our guard up in our spiritual lives.

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Isaiah celebrates a birthday. Photo by Shawnelle Eliasen.

A Celebrating Home

Good grades, when braces come off, birthdays and basketball games–but most of all, the grace of God.

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By TonyTheTiger - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Positive Thinking

The Faith, Hard Work and Hope of Austin Hatch

A young man survives two devastating plane crashes, loses his family and shuns self-pity.

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Basketball players in prayer after a game. Photo by Michelle Cox.

Trust God Will Be There for You

When life gets rough, there's no question who is going to show up.

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Isaiah playing basketball. Photo courtesy Shawnelle Eliasen.
God's Grace

Joy in the Lord's Love

Unbound happiness straight from the soul starts with knowing God's provision.

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John Wooden quotes, Guideposts
Positive Living

In Memory of John Wooden

One man's long-ago encounter with the legendary basketball coach still bears blessings.

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Michelle's passel of grandchildren!

It’s Our Delight

As grandparents dote on the needs of their grandchildren, so God dotes on you!

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