7 Values to Live by, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's free booklet from Guideposts
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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's 7 Values to Live By

The Reverend Dr. Pablo R. Diaz, Guideposts' Vice-President of Ministries, introduces you to the Biblical values that Guideposts founder Dr. Norman Vincent Peale shared in his booklet, 7 Values to Live By.

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Praying out loud
How to Pray

5 Good Reasons to Pray Aloud (Even When You’re Alone)

Even when no one else is around, words spoken out loud to God are powerful.

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How to Pray

5 Powerful Prayer Styles And Why They Matter

These unscientific profiles may help you find the most rewarding way to pray.

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Sparrow in the spring
Prayer Stories

Birds of the Bible

These harbingers of spring also play an important role in Scripture.

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Celebrating women of the Bible
Power of Prayer

Celebrating the Women of the Bible

Women in Scripture who inspire us through acts of courage, love and faith.

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A man stands, arms outstretched, in a sun-drenched field
How to Pray

6 Prayers to Let Go and Let God

Relieve fear and anxiety and remember Who is in control.

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Daily Devotions

His Living Word

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