Black History Month

Vocalist and actress Tamela Mann; photo courtesy @Tillymann Ent.
Positive Thinking

Positive Thinker: Tamela Mann, Gospel Singer, Wife, Mom

The acclaimed gospel singer, wife and mom on her love of the outdoors, the best advice she’s ever received and the hardest thing she’s ever done

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Teen talking to mom
Life Advice

Why Saying ‘Anxiety Is Normal’ Can Help Us Heal

Children’s author Jason Reynolds makes the case that anxiety is an important, instructive part of the human experience.

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Edward Grinnan on Black History Month
Stories of Faith

How Black History Month Helps Us Understand the Present

It’s not just about the courage of historical figures, it’s also about the quality of life in America today.

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Melba Patillo Beals
Prayers for Strength

Lessons from the Past on Courage, Faith and Justice

During Black History Month, reflections on long-ago events that continue to haunt us today.

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Henry Louis Gates Jr., admires Church of God In Christ West Angeles mural (Courtesy of McGee Media)
Movies and TV

PBS Documentary Highlights the ‘Power of Belief’ Behind the Black Church

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. talks with African-American leaders, from Oprah to Senator Raphael Warnock, on the role of the Black Church in American history, then and now.

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Sam Cooke, Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin

12 Uplifting Songs from Inspiring Black Musicians

Talented Black artists have transformed genres like rock, jazz, soul and gospel⁠⁠. Here are 12 favorites who have revolutionized music worldwide.

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Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree Marian Anderson
Stories of Faith

Women's History Month: Marian Anderson on the Power of Faith

In this story from March 1954, contralto Marian Anderson shares how she came to doubt her great gifts as a singer, only to see her love for music restored by prayer.

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Elizabeth Jennings: A Civil Rights Icon of Faith and Courage
Stories of Hope

Black History Month: Elizabeth Jenning's Faith and Courage

This church-going teacher stood up for her right to use New York's public transportation more than a century before Rosa Parks' courageous stand.

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Baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson

Guideposts Classics: Jackie Robinson on Facing Challenges

In this story from August 1948, Hall of Famer and American hero Jackie Robinson recalls the challenges he faced in breaking baseball's color barrier.

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Congo Square, New Orleans, Getty Images

10 Stops on a Black History Tour of New Orleans

From Congo Square to the Mayor's Office, there is a story to learn about one of the most vibrant cities in America.

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