An illustration of two SPF sticks; Illustration by Coco Masuda
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Safe in the Sun

By offering sunscreen to fend off the heat, she helped a onlooker undergoing chemotherapy.

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Catherine Madera; photo by Brandon Hill
Stories of Faith

The Journal of a Sister Lost to Cancer Bolstered Her Faith

Her late sister had made her peace with the Lord. Could she?

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Illustration by Donna Grethen

An Angel Helped Her Buy Her Dream Bedroom Set

But the new heaven-sent friendship ended up being even more valuable.

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Jeannie Hughes with her husband, Roger; photo by Scott Goldsmith
Family Caregiving

She Was Inspired by Her Husband's Positivity While Dealing with Cancer

Her husband’s diagnosis didn’t challenge his faith. Why did it shake hers?

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Illustration by Coco Masuda
People Helping People

Someone Cares: A Bag of Sunshine

These daily bursts of sunshine from a friend brought her happiness throughout her cancer treatment.

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Writing in a caregiving journal.
Hope and Inspiration

4 Reasons to Keep a Caregiving Journal

Writing it all down can help you stay focused, manage stress and remember the good times.

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An illustration of a dog with wings; Illustration by Daniel Long

This Winged-Dog Figurine Brought a Comforting Message

On a getaway to face his wife’s cancer diagnosis they found the trinket that reminded them they could face whatever lies ahead.  

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Wearing sunscreen in winter
Living Longer, Living Better

Why Wearing Sunscreen Is Important Year-Round

From safety to beauty, there’s no reason not to protect your face from winter’s cool but powerful rays.

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Kathy and Lori; Photo credit: Lori Sciame
God's Grace

How This Long-Lost Book Brought Divine Comfort

Inscribed with a cherished handwritten message, the book brought peace and strengthened a friendship.

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Roberta Messner; Photo credit: Scott Goldsmith
Positive Thinking

How She Found Warmth and Self-Care on Christmas

In her heart, she realized being ready for the holidays needed some tender loving care.

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