Dr. Carol Bocan cuddles with her cat, Luna

How This Dog Lover Became a Cat Fancier

After saying goodbye to her beloved pooch, Dr. Carol Bocan prayed about adopting a cat. Her prayers were answered by a very special feline named Luna.

Kate Parker-Egner's intuitive cat, Cotton

This Cat Senses When Someone Is at Risk of Suicide

A mental health counselor and cat fancier takes in a fifth feline, which proves to be unexpectedly invaluable to her practice.

Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan

Inspiring Animal Friendships

We love our pets, but can animals really feel and express love? Science and anecdotal evidence suggest that love in the animal kingdom is stronger and more complex than we might think.

Bookstore Cat sits on a library shelf in the new book Cats on the Job

10 Adorable Cats on the Job

From Artist Cat to Minister Cat, these 10 cats on the job are too cute.

Guideposts: Sula, Old Mission San Juan Bautista's feline minister

Sula, a Cat with a Divine Mission

Here's the inspiring story of Sula, a cat that is a cherished member of the congregation at California's Old Mission San Juan Bautista.

a kitten is a gift

Mustang Sally: The Kitten That Healed Their Hearts

After their cat died too soon, it took 7 years to be ready to receive their new unexpected gift.

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10 Great Tips for Keeping your Pet Safe This Summer

10 tips for making sure your pet is not only having fun, but also safe and comfortable this summer.

Mary and her cat, Rainbow, who plays fetch like a dog

A Healing Feline to the Rescue

Arthritis had really slowed her down. Then the right medicine came along...

Answered Prayer for a Lost Cat

The Insignificant Prayer

Proof God knows our hearts and cares deeply about what matters to us.

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A Presidents' Day Gallery of First Pets

As we celebrate Presidents' Day, pet expert Peggy Frezon celebrates some of the most famous pets to live in the White House.