Popular radio personality Delilah
Stories of Faith

Delilah: Her Faith and Her Fans Support Her in Tough Times

When life presents challenges, the popular radio host turns to her faith and her listeners for strength and comfort.

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Father and son in serious front porch conversation.
Addiction and Recovery

4 Tips to Help Protect Your Kids from Drugs and Alcohol

Practical advice from the medical director at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Youth Continuum

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Back to school

A Back-to-School Prayer for Our Children

An important time to guide and protect our children as they begin a new school year.

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Talking to a teen
Family Problems

Communicating with Kids in 5 Words or Less

As Jesus showed us in the Temple, getting results doesn’t require a lecture first.

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Inspiring Stories

The Power and Wisdom of ‘Mrs. Who’

Picking up A Wrinkle in Time a few decades after my first reading, it was this mysterious character who stood out to me most.

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Storm Reid in "A Wrinkle In Time"
Movies and TV

'A Wrinkle in Time's 50-Year Journey to the Screen

Producer Catherine Hand shares the incredible saga of trying to get the film made and why now is the perfect time for kids to see it. 

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A senior citizen woman reads to one of the preschoolers.
Sponsored Content

Senior Mentors Make A Positive Impact on Children

 These seniors make a difference in children's lives and find joy in their new friendships.

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An illustration of loaves of banana bread stocked full in frames of orphanage houses.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Bread and Bricks

Her love for children inspired him to make a change of his own.

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An artists's rendering of Penny's dream
God's Grace

Her Unusual Dream Brought Comfort to a Pair of Worried Strangers

The swirling waters and mysterious child in her dream left her a bit unsettled. What could it all possibly mean?

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