The sounds of a choir are a special part of the worship experience because a choir helps our prayers fill the room.
Andraé Crouch
Life After Death

Andraé Crouch: Remembering a Gospel Legend

The iconic singer died of a heart attack at age 72.

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Birthday candles. Photo by Aleksandar Kosev, Thinkstock.
Prayer Stories

An Unexpected Birthday Guest

What if a homeless guy wandered into your birthday party? What would you do?

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An artist's rendering of an angel with a small bird on its finger

Love Among the Juniper

Gathered in branches outside her dad's window were the birds he called God’s choir.

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A Solution for Holiday Stress
Devotions for Men

A Solution for Holiday Stress

Are you worried you'll never be ready in time?

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Christian dating advice from Tera Carissa Hodges, Guideposts
Life Advice

The Christian Dating Game: How to Wait

These tips will help you see singleness as a gift from God

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Michelle Mahnke with a plate of homemade Christmas cookies
Work Life

A Very Vegas Christmas

She was 22 and far from home. How would the holiday spirit ever find her there?

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Robert Duvall

Guideposts Classics: Robert Duvall on Faith and Inspiration

In this story from April 1998, the acclaimed actor reveals how playing a preacher impacted his spiritual life.

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Deitrick Haddon and Michelle Williams on an episode of their show Fix My Choir
Movies and TV

Michelle Williams and Deitrick Haddon Are Saving Gospel Music, One Choir At A Time

Their new show seeks to fix some of the most dysfunctional choirs from around the country. 

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An artist's rendering of a piano and bench. An angel's feather is on the bench.
Emotional and Mental Health

Grace Note

It's said that music is the language of angels; here's a story that proves it.

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Photo of white feather by Jurisam for Thinkstock, Getty Images

God Only Knows

Beach Boy Brian Wilson inspires a host of singers and musicians.

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