The sounds of a choir are a special part of the worship experience because a choir helps our prayers fill the room.
Rick Hamlin and his friend Joanne onstage at Carnegie Hall
Positive Living

An Inspiring Carnegie Hall Debut

He’d long ago let go of the dream to sing at Carnegie Hall, but it hadn’t let go of him.

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin with his church choir
How to Pray

Preaching from the Choir

The miracle unfolds. We sound beautiful. It’s more than a joyful noise; it’s real music.

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Kids in a car on a road trip.
Emotional and Mental Health

Mysterious Ways: An Inspiring, De-stressing Detour

A surprise choral concert soothes the jangled nerves of an anxious traveler.

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An artist's rendering of two young girls scurrying off to church

Delivered on Time by a Divine Breeze

Two young girls running late for church receive a heavenly boost.

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The church at Cares Cove
God's Grace

A Most Unusual Easter Service

She was deep in the woods, when she stumbled upon the church at Cades Cove.

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Christmas Shoppers Stop to Listen to Flash Mob Carols at the Mall

Christmas Flash Mob by Journey of Faith at South Bay Galleria

Enjoy this Christmas flash mob sing that lifted the spirits of holiday shoppers.

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Jingle Bells sheet music and a green Christmas ornament with gold ribbon
Positive Living

Christmas Is in the Air

A harried mother is reminded that the spirit of the season isn't in the hustle and bustle.

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A children's choir dancing while singing "What a Wonderful World"

Inspiring Global Video of "What a Wonderful World"

Children's choirs around the world join to sing an inspiring "What a Wonderful World."

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Welsh Boys' Choir, Only Boys Aloud members
Movies and TV

Welsh Boys' Choir Wows Britain's Got Talent Judges

Participation in this Welsh choir inspires boys to do something positive and improve their lives.

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Prayer blogger Peola Hicks
Positive Living

Appreciate the People in Your Life

Pray that God shows us who can benefit most from our words of appreciation and gratitude.

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