Three wise men
Faith and Prayer

Did Gift Wrapping Start with the Wise Men?

During Epiphany, we remember that the three wise men were the season’s first gift givers. 

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Harold and his loyal companion, Phelan
Service Animals

A Christmas Miracle in Bethlehem

A couple, a veteran and a dog come together in unlikely fashion at a Pennsylvania holiday arts and crafts festival.

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An artist's rendering of an angel speaking into Cherol's ear

How Faith Overrode an Expectant Mother's Fears

She'd long prayed for a child, but signs of trouble during her first pregnancy caused her faith to flag—until she received a reassuring message from above.

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A World War I-era Christmas card
God's Grace

The Christmas Miracle of 1914

Guideposts Contributing Editor Kathryn Slattery shares an inspiring seasonal tale of a Christmas Eve miracle: a spontaneous truce between opposing soldiers.

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Finding light in the dark of winter
Military Families

Finding Light During the Darkest Time of Year

A military mom struggles with a son’s deployment at Christmas before letting in God's warmth and love.

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Relaxing at Christmas
Emotional and Mental Health

5 Self-Care Tips for a Positive Christmas

As Christmas draws near, it’s more important than ever to nurture your positive spirit with these techniques.

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Jesus in the Nativity scene

Don’t Lose Jesus!

The most important part of a family’s 30-year-old Nativity scene is well guarded.

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Post Christmas exchanges
Power of Prayer

4 Post-Christmas Exchanges

Whether or not you're returning any gifts this week, here are four prayer-filled exchanges worth making.

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An artist's rendering of Molly's angelic tree topper

The Christmas Angel Who Arrived Early

She'd planned her Christmas preparations down to the last detail, but she soon learned that even the best-laid plans can go awry—and that can be a very good thing.

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Christmas traditions

Upholding Christmas Traditions with Faith, Family and Love

On this special day, remember to celebrate the coming of our Lord and the love we have for one another.

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