How military families can fight stress during holidays
Family Problems

6 Healthy Swaps for Military Stress

When a loved one serves in the military, it’s a perfect time to learn some new behaviors to deal with life.

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Christmas music while shopping
Emotional and Mental Health

How to Stay on the Positive Side of Holiday Music

Avoid the musical pitfalls psychologists warn can sabotage our holiday cheer.

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Making Christmas spiritual
God's Grace

Making Christmas a Spiritual Experience

When we approach Christmas in the spirit of humility and with gratitude for Jesus, we celebrate the true meaning of the holiday.

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A lone Christmas tree with bright lights in the middle of a snowy forest a night.
Stories of Hope

7 Things Christmas Teaches Us About Hope

No matter what challenges you face, Christmas offers powerful symbols of hope.

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Times Square
Power of Prayer

That Incident in Times Square

A New York City subway commuter still prays for peace during Advent despite the Manhattan bombing.

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Christmas cards
Inspiring Stories

Why Christmas Cards Are Really Advent Cards

They’re full of hope and the promise of God’s coming on Earth.

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A nativity scene of the first Christmas
Daily Devotions

A Merry Christmas Devotion

Revel in the truth of Christmas every day.

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Colorful Christmas gifts underneath a Christmas tree.
Devotions for Men

The Miracles of Christmas

This time of year to your fret and worry how you'll get everything done?

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Family watching TV
Military Families

7 Lessons from 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

A military mom shares how a favorite family television special brought home some important truths about the season.

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Positive gift giving
Positive Living

Holiday Gift Ideas for Positive Thinkers

Let your gift-giving spark fun, joy and light in your loved ones’ lives.

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