two senior women painting
Living Longer, Living Better

How to Set New Life Goals After Retirement

In this excerpt from best-selling author Julia Cameron's book, It's Never Too Late to Begin Again, she shares how to break out of a routine and reignite a sense of adventure.

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10 Bible Verses for Weight Loss

10 Bible Verses for Weight Loss

Want to lose weight? Get inspired by these Bible verses about health and wellness.

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3 ways to boost your confidence
Life Advice

3 Quick Ways to Boost Your Confidence

It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to believe in yourself.

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Lawrence Welk with his accordian
Emotional and Mental Health

Guideposts Classics: Lawrence Welk on Coping with Shyness

In this story from February 1957, bandleader Lawrence Welk shares the role faith played in overcoming his crippling stage fright.

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Better Living

I Believe in Quitting

A powerful message about how to change your life into one that is truly your own.

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