Walking in winter
Positive Living

Winter Walking: How to Stay Warm (But Not Too Warm)

This season is a quiet and magical time to explore the outdoors. Here’s how to bundle up, but not over-dress.

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Edward Grinnan and Gracie
Family Caregiving

National Caregivers Day—How to Show Your Appreciation

Here are ways we can honor those who care for our loved ones.

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Comforting cup of tea
Positive Living

Finding Cozy Winter Comfort by Seeking Peace and Joy

A Danish tradition, “hygge,” is just what we need to find warmth this season.

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Happy Ash Wednesday
Seasonal Prayers

Why We Can Say, ‘Happy Ash Wednesday’

Lent carries the reminder of our shared humanity and the promise of a new life.

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Birds flying across the sun
Inspiring Stories

What Do You See When You Pray?

One painter depicts his inner imagery when praying Psalm 90.

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Coping with grief during Covid
Emotional and Mental Health

How to Cope with Prolonged Grief in the Age of Covid

Recognizing the signs of lingering grief can help you get the support you need.

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Computer glitch
Positive Living

How a Tech Glitch Paved the Way for a Fresh Start

After accidentally deleting a long list of treasured links, something better took its place.

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Navigating change in the new year
Positive Living

For a Positive New Year, Re-Frame What ‘Change’ Means

Some changes we make, some are made for us. Find your place in the present moment for a fresh start this year.

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Positive Living

New Year’s Resolution Idea: Be Gentle

Times are tough. Make sure your New Year’s promises blanket you with support and love.

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Three Wise Men
Stories of Hope

Hope from the Wise Men for the New Year

By following a star and a revelation and trusting in their dreams, a new road was found.

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